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Pouring Events

Here at Pouring Events, we started in 2019 by offering just our mobile Bartending services in the San Antonio market and surrounding area.  Since then, to meet the demands of our clients we have added the Catering Servicing to our repertoire. 

So as of current we offer TABC certified mixologist and certified Cooks and Servers  to come to your event pour your libations and cater your food.   

We also offer planning of your Libation menu and can create a cocktail recipe just for you.  So, if you're looking for that something special for your party contact us today.  

So book your Mixologist and/or Catering Service for that special Event you're planning! 

Kevin Waters


I am a mixologist that has been in the bar industry for over 15 years, with 10 plus years of that in management.  I thoroughly enjoy entertaining through my sense of humor and handcrafted cocktails.  


Up Coming Mixologist

New Mixologist Coming Soon.

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